Meet The Team

We’re a mixed bunch of creative copywriters, professional photographers and number crunchers who are an unstoppable force of nature in the digital content world.

Adam White

Managing Director

Adam’s the big boss, so we can’t pick on him. Adam lives and breathes digital content so we’re not sure what else he does with his time. He claims he’s a cool kitesurfer but we’ve never seen him in action…

Induja Menon

Studio Operations Manager

Induja is the master of all trades, like a rare Pokémon combining creative with operations. When she’s not managing the organised chaos in our studio she’s usually either on a Netflix binge or out dancing.

Waleed Shah

Senior Creative Photographer

Waleed is the eyes behind our creative shoots. On the very rare occasion he’s not behind the camera he’s usually combing his beard or religiously watching episodes of Seinfeld… or both.

Jemar Valencia


Jemar (nicknamed Mej) is MiNT’s very own Steven Spielberg when he’s on set. When he’s off set he’s the lead singer of a rock band… Sorry ladies, he’s also married.

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